July 3, 2017

My Story

I am a graphic artist and designer. I come from a background in drawing and painting but now produce my art on computer using the Adobe suite. I like graffiti and street art and like to mix this into a collage fusion of styles with a cross-over i to graphic design (my day job). I hope to create art that gives a colourful, positive vibe and hopefully an artwork on your wall you will never be bored of. I Like to travel and use some photos I have taken myself on the streets abroad and UK and utilise them in my artwork. 

I started doing my art in my spare time and in between freelancing as a Designer. I have been doing it for about 2 years now and starting selling via Artfinder which has gone well so I thought I would build my own shop now. I have also exhibited with the successful London based Creative Debuts, www.creativedebuts.co.uk.

I studied at John Moores University, University of Central Lancashire and Liverpool University. I have also done shorter courses at Wimbledon School of Art and Central St Martins. These courses cover Fine Art, Illustration, Computer Arts, Graphic Design and Motion Graphics.

All my artworks are A2 size which I thought is a way of cheaply buying art as frames are inexpensive on the internet (i.e Amazon £14). I can print my artwork any size though and will showcase some larger A1 sizes soon.

Check out my great reviews from satisfied art buyers all over the world in my reviews section here.

Remember to follow me on instagram joegrafik.uk to see many new works which eventually end up here 🙂

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